Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria

A myriad of culinary experiences take the relaxed diner and sophisticated café goer on a whirlwind journey of sensory delight. The cultural soul of Melbourne has introduced Australia to outdoor dining and inspired an enduring caffeine obsession.

Upstarts and the worldly converge within an urbane village landscape, densely populated with designer retail, Australia’s finest restaurants, seductively sweet bakehouses, gelato bars and ultra hip delicatessens and cafés. Music, arts and festivals are a weekend ritual to complement a superbly crafted, modern lifestyle.

Exclusive Location

The brilliant lights of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan CBD do nothing to dim the graceful glow of Carlton’s European eateries and continental cafés, where a diverse and energised street scene is complemented by the stately gardens and tranquil parklands that dot the precinct.

Queensberry Street sits at the intersection of dining, arts and culture, flanked by Carlton, and the CBD. A well-suited and glamorous retail destination with world-class attractions, sports and entertainment also leads the way with the country’s finest and oldest educational institutions. Creativity meets commerce, transport connects the landscape and local life is grand.

Carlton & Queensberry Street

Royal Exhibition Building

This World Heritage listed icon is also a long-standing tribute to Renaissance and Byzantine period architecture.

Its famed Great Hall is the last surviving old world pavilion and continues to attract Melbourne’s premier exhibitions, cultural events and fairs to its doors.

Carlton Gardens

Century old oaks and elms form a seasonally changing guard of honour along the avenues within 19th century gardens that are a majestic backdrop for picnics and parkland adventure.

An elaborate 10 metre fountain, formal flower gardens and miniature lakes add to a naturally beautiful composition.

The University of Melbourne

Steeped in history, the nation’s most prestigious university and Victoria’s oldest, has inspired generations of academics and world leaders. Magnificent heritage architecture and stately grounds and gardens set the scene for an internationally acclaimed institution.

Siglo Rooftop

This broad, open-air rooftop terrace is reminiscent of Europe’s late night dining culture. A diverse menu is complemented by a sophisticated wine list and exquisite cocktails while rows of mushroom heaters create a warm canopy under the stars, perfect for Melbourne’s seasonal weather.

Melbourne City

A panorama of modern living unfolds around The Eminence, captured at every level. Southern views of glittering city skylines and northern views of Carlton’s historical rooftops and landmark green spaces create a colourful tapestry of past and present for a commanding vista.

Town Mouse

Leading the new wave of modern haute cuisine in Carlton, this fine dining establishment keeps a glamorous yet low profile, preferring to let its sharp interior and compelling menu speak for itself.

Share plates, boutique wines, artisan beers and sumptuous fare are the order of the day.

Collins Street Paris End

Haute couture ateliers are at your door as international fashion houses and local designer boutiques take residents from the Paris End of Collins Street to Gertrude Street and beyond.

Classic style and high fashion present in shades of vintage and modern, with undeniable Melbourne edge.

Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

An authentic Italian café bar reputed to have housed Melbourne’s first espresso bar. Could Melbourne’s all-consuming obsession have started here? Over 50 years old and called the “grand old dame” of Melbourne’s restaurant scene, its charming interiors are filled with regulars, theatre-goers and the in-crowd who know you can express yourself here and you won’t look back.